At Rui Campos Academy we are focused on learning and we do not give in to populism or facilitation. Learning photography takes time and requires training, practice and criteria. Our commitment to the customer is the Criteria and the vast experience of our training team. The commitment we expect from our trainees is that they dedicate to themselves the time and training necessary for the results to happen.

Our training offer is vast and it is continually growing and adapting. Comprised of a 30-hour base course (which can be taught by Levels) and by a set of "General" and "Dedicated" Workshops. The first ones are for the whole public, the second ones (Dedicated) guarantee direct access to our basic course trainees, but require a diagnostic test for all candidates who have not taken the basic course. In the event that the candidate does not reach a minimum of 80% of the test, the trainee will be advised to do the Base Course first, before moving on to the Workshops.

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