Photography is for me as an individual a need that is not completed with the services provided. There is in me the constant need to turn to it for a more introspective posture as an individual and interpretive and critical as a gregarious being. My exhibitions are always the culmination of any project. A project is for me always an intervention / interpretation of any social aspect that for some reason should be the subject of attention. I have always thought that for a precise exposition to find two conditions that go beyond the simple choice of a theme and the mere display of pictures on a wall. These conditions awaken the curiosity of a particular public and the ability to let visitors reflect on the issue addressed. I believe that when I am effective in these two premises I am contributing to a better society. And if this is achieved, I will have been able to concretize myself as a human being who uses a form of artistic expression to pass a certain message. If by reading the descriptive memory of any of my exhibits you like and wish that she travels to a gallery near you, do not hesitate to contact me.