Poio Quarries

Poio shale is extracted in Vila Nova de Foz Côa. The extraction of this stone is closely linked to the advent of vineyard culture in the Alto Douro Vinhateiro, a heritage classified by UNESCO.

This stone is now, fruit of the technological evolution, trending and very apreciated world around, given the new forms of abrasion of the same. It is now, although the economic paradigm has changed, established as one of the basis of the economy of the county of Foz Côa.

For years I have been collecting images at these quarries, collections that have produced a video used in an exhibition of the Municipality of Foz Côa and in a Project, “Histories of Men and Stones“.

This is the exhibition that the Municipality of Foz Côa held in 2016. The collection of video that I realized and that was part of this exhibition is here.

Rui Campos